Lenny Knowle’s Nemesis


6 thoughts on “Lenny Knowle’s Nemesis

  1. Loved your work ever since Velocity, wish I could have been at Gosh today. These strips should be in a newspaper – or am I missing them? Best wishes with your book, I hope Santa’s getting me one.

      • Thanks Nick, without the extra ‘h’. Alby Figgs is only available online, right here at the moment, but we’ll see about the future. Good to hear from a former velocity fan. Me and Gary’s new book, Montague Terrace, published by Jonathan Cape and released on 4/4/2013 is available for pre-order here http://bit.ly/R3I0Uc

  2. Hi Warren, I loved Montague Terrace – what are you working on now? I’ve been making cartoons for my local newspaper (Coventry Telegraph) since January 2014, see some of them at theCovKids.Wordpress.com. Hope they make you smile – maybe a quote for a book one day? Cheers,

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