Next month (November 6), get ready for some hard rocking reminiscing with some  leather clad guitar legends and several bottles of JD in Full Metal Alby…

Rave On Silver Fox


Next month (October 2nd), get on yer bike with Alby and the high-vis brigade in Cyclistas…

A Game of Gnomes


Next month, dust off your glow sticks, don your tie-dyes and drop your, er, alka seltzers. It’s Alby Figgs having it large in Rave On Silver Fox…

Birthday Boy

Ol’ Hockers


Next month, Friday the third of July, don’t forget to put him in your diaries, it’s Alby in ‘Birthday Boy’…

The Voice


Alby returns next month on Friday 5th June with timely reminiscences of ‘Ol’ Hockers’. Till then, Albsters…

The Return of the Vol-Au-Vents


Alby returns next month on May 1st for a brand new, full coloured monthly run in ‘The Voice’. No, really…

The Final Countdown


Sorry for the cliff-hanging, week extra delay, folks (and he was on the vocal extractor all that time!). Rest assured, Alby will appear next Friday in the final weekly episode of the Get Figgsey saga, The Return of the Vol-Au-Vents. Till then…

Get Figgsey-part 5 Nemesis Arisen


Next week, it’s the penultimate episode of the Get Figgsey saga, with, cue cheesy 80s synth, The Final Countdown…

Get Figgsey-part 4 Jgdmapdd!


Next week, oh, look who it is! The totally unexpected (?!) return of a certain rival in part 4 of Get Figgsey, ‘Nemesis Arisen’. Tune in then…


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