Blue Skies


Thanks everyone for tuning into the intermittent tales of the Albster over the last four and half years. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride?! If you can’t bear to say au revoir to the old boy just yet, remember you can always delve the archive on this site.

I’ll be posting up new original stories and strips in the new year at and, so look out for those. In the meantime…



The End


Next month, it really is the end of an era with the final 100th episode of Alby Figgs, ‘Blue Skies’… coming your way soon!

Soul Trader


Next time, is it ‘the end’ for Alby Figgs?! Find out right here in the penultimate episode of the Figgsey saga, The End…

The Life and Times of Albert Figgs – part 2

The Life and Times of Albert Figgs part 1


Next month, the imaginatively titled, The Life and Times of Albert Figgs part 2, with more unraveling, pear-shaped discourse and a certain Mr. Death waiting in the wings. Cheery stuff for cheery times!

Remembrance of Things Past it


Next month, it’s lights, camera, inaction in The Life and Times of Albert Figgs (part 1)…

Alby Fools Day

alby_0094_col Next month (May 6th), Alby and Lenny in hospital (!?) reminisce in Remembrance of Things Past It…

The Sundance Kid


Next time, on the first of April, it looks like Alby could be playing centre stage in his very own bio-pic, in Alby Fools Day…

Dark Satanic Meals


Alby returns in a couple of weeks (Friday March 11) in the company of ‘The Sundance Kid’, first in a short series of fully coloured-in monthly episodes…

Scandi Noir


Next week, Alby returns to JG Mullard’s Caff for some Dark Satanic Meals…

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