The Voice


Alby returns next month on Friday 5th June with timely reminiscences of ‘Ol’ Hockers’. Till then, Albsters…

The Return of the Vol-Au-Vents


Alby returns next month on May 1st for a brand new, full coloured monthly run in ‘The Voice’. No, really…

The Final Countdown


Sorry for the cliff-hanging, week extra delay, folks (and he was on the vocal extractor all that time!). Rest assured, Alby will appear next Friday in the final weekly episode of the Get Figgsey saga, The Return of the Vol-Au-Vents. Till then…

Get Figgsey-part 5 Nemesis Arisen


Next week, it’s the penultimate episode of the Get Figgsey saga, with, cue cheesy 80s synth, The Final Countdown…

Get Figgsey-part 4 Jgdmapdd!


Next week, oh, look who it is! The totally unexpected (?!) return of a certain rival in part 4 of Get Figgsey, ‘Nemesis Arisen’. Tune in then…

Get Figgsey-part 3 Alby Abduction


Next week, miscommunication abounds with texting catastrophe, ‘Jgdmaqe!’ Bee shrue toe tyune een…

Get Figgsey-part 2 The Return of Old Whassisface


Next week things take a turn for the dramatic (at last!) in Alby Abduction, part 3 of Get Figgsey!

Get Figgsey-part 1 ‘Death in Aisle Three’


Next week (yes, next week!) in Get Figgsey part 2, it’s ‘The Return of Old Whassisface’.

Get Figgsey is a brand new 7-part weekly super-sized Alby Figgs adventure in glorious black and white with ‘one shade of grey’.

Christmas Runs


Next month in the new year, Alby returns in brand new 8 part noir suspense weekly story, ‘Get Figgsey!‘. Will the barely concealed mystery of his shadowy adversary finally be revealed? And how did that Private Dick in the ever visible background ever get a job spying on hapless (hopeless?) septuagenarians?

In the meantime, if you’re stuck for last minute Chrimble ideas for your loved ones during your ‘Christmas Runs’, why not pick up the Alby Figgs book from Blank Slate Books or pick up a copy from your local comic or book shop!


Good ‘Elf for the new year! Shamelessly yours,


Street-fighting Alby


With apologies to Alan Moore and David Lloyd!

Next month (5th December), catch up with Alby trying to escape the ‘Christmas Runs’…


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