Bill Shake’s Pear


Tune in next month (May 2nd) to see Alby in low blood sugar drama, Pickled Figgs and for some very exciting Figgsey news…

Punk Snot Dead


Next month (April 7th) Alby’s back  with debatable oral histories concerning a certain well known bard in Bill Shake’s Pear…

Sets, Pies and Gaffer Tape


Next month (March the 7th) Alby returns in Punk Snot Dead…

1914 And All That


Next month (7/2/2014), behind the scenes with acting legends at classic film shoots in Sets, Pies and Gaffer Tape.

Uncle Albert


Next month it’s a new year with Alby in ’1914 And All That’. See it here on the 3rd of January…

Little Big Master Chef

alby_0055_colNext month, Alby Figgs meets ‘Uncle Albert’!

Twos and Threes


Alby returns next month on the first Friday of November, the 1st, with ‘Little Big Master Chef’.

Don’t forget to look out for brand new Alby adventures every first Friday of the month!

Together Forever


Yes, he’s back folks and in glorious washed out colour. Starting from this October the 4th, there’s a new monthly schedule, every first Friday of the month and the added extravagance of an extra tier of Alby goodness. Be sure to tune in and follow the Albster!

The Rickenbacker Falls–Part 2


Yes indeed, folks. Is this the end of the line for Alby Figgs, the end of season 1 or just my pigment marker taking a well earned holiday?

As mentioned, if you tune in to this space on September 20th all will (perhaps) be revealed. In the meantime, watch this space for news on a limited edition printed Alby anthology after the summer break. Yes, an old school ink on paper comic!

Thanks for reading!


The Rickenbacker Falls–Part 1


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