Next month it’s all outdoors for some baked potatoes, sparklers, whizz-bangs and Molotov cocktails in ‘Street-Fighting Alby’. Straight up…

Gilbert, George and Alby Too Two


Will Alby really get a can of worms for his tea? Who is the mysterious, yet strangely obvious nemesis like character stroking the white moggy? Do you expect me to tell you everything? Well do you?!

Tune in next month for the start of a new look season 3

In the meantime, why not get the brand new Alby Figgs book from the brilliant Blank Slate Books and all good comic shops…




Gilbert, George And Alby Too


Watch this space next week, yes, next week, for a special season 2 finale conclusion in Gilbert, George and Alby Too Two!

Sandwich Spread Daze


Next month (September 5th), Alby Figgs season 2 comes to a dramatic, edge of your underpants conclusion with ‘Gilbert, George and Alby Too‘. Expect contemporary art hob-nobbing, reminiscing (bien sur) and the return of a long forgotten nemesis!

Let’s Twitch Again


Next month (August the 1st), Alby’s summer of love continues in Sandwich Spread Daze and there’ll be more news on the imminent arrival of Alby’s first book!

Community Support Theorist


Next month, July 4th, Alby’s back in ‘Let’s Twitch Again’. And keep an eye out for more news on the Alby Figgs book!

Pickled Figgs


Next month (June 6th), conspiracy theories abound in Community Support Theorist and news of the Alby Figgs Book! Yes Out in June from the brilliant Blank Slate Books! Watch this space Albsters…

Bill Shake’s Pear


Tune in next month (May 2nd) to see Alby in low blood sugar drama, Pickled Figgs and for some very exciting Figgsey news…

Punk Snot Dead


Next month (April 7th) Alby’s back  with debatable oral histories concerning a certain well known bard in Bill Shake’s Pear…

Sets, Pies and Gaffer Tape


Next month (March the 7th) Alby returns in Punk Snot Dead…


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